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Autobag Pacesetter PS125

The Autobag PaceSetter PS125 and PS125 OneStep table top baggers are specifically designed to bring simplicity, versatility, quality and value to hand load bagging applications as an alternative to fully automatic bagging lines. They will help speed up most manual bagging operations by automatically indexing a pre-formed bag into position and opening it for loading.

Capable of packing 20 bags per minute, the PaceSetter PS125 is suitable for low volume bagging and sealing applications ranging from industrial parts, fasteners, and plumbing fittings through electrical components and craft items.

The PaceSetter PS125 OneStepô includes the same conveniences of the standard PS125 with the addition of a built-in PH412 imprinter. Featuring next-bag-out printing technology that is ideal for short run and order fulfillment applications, the PS125 OneStep is capable of printing high resolution graphics, text and bar codes directly on the bag, eliminating the need for a separate labeling operation.

Using system-matched Autobag pre-opened bags-on-a-roll in sizes up to 10.5" wide and 17" long, the PaceSetter PS125 and PS125 OneStep offer a simple, and cost effective packaging solution.


User Benefits:

  • Pack faster than by hand - up to 20 bags per minute

  • User-friendly system - easy to set-up, simple to operate

  • Minimum downtime - change bag size in less than a minute

  • Compact and lightweight - for tabletop use


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