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Autobag AB 180 Bagger

Capable of bagging at speeds up to 80 bags per minute, this automatic filling and sealing machine has been designed for advanced packaging needs and is simple to use, dependable, and operationally flexible for maximum machine uptime and packaging productivity. Package size changes can be achieved in less than 2 minutes using Autobag "bag-on-a-roll" pre-formed bags - a must for the packaging industry.

Utilising the very latest technology, Autobag "Replace-n-Repair" machine operating systems and the most advanced user touchscreen control available, the AB 180 is the most reliable, and the easiest to use automatic bagging system available for advanced packaging needs.

The large interactive AutoTouchTM control screen allows operators to quickly recall and set-up packing jobs. The system's high capacity memory makes multiple job storage easy, and the touchscreen offers a powerful diagnostic help tool to enable operators to rectify machine errors quickly and easily. These features and more make the AB 180 a resilient and multi-facted tool for the packaging industry.

Using Autobag bag-on-a-roll polyethylene bags, the AB 180 offers a fast and cost effective advanced packaging solution.

User Benefits:

  • Quick to set-up, easy to operate, reliable and fast

  • Extremely flexible - change bag size easily in less than 2 minutes for maximum machine uptime

  • Powered unwind - provides positive web control for speed and registration

  • Operator friendly - AutoTouch control screen for easy job set-up and control with built-in diagnostics and help screens for rapid problem solving

  • "Replace-n-Repair" system - for vital components to ensure minimum downtime due to machine failure

  • Combine with Autobag thermal imprinters - for complete "print-n-pack" in-line product identification and labeling

  • Easily combine with infeed & imprinting equipment - to meet additional packaging needs


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